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Marcin Rubinkowski - unique mixed skilled AAA+ Concept Designer working for movie/game industry 8y exp.

Most fancy clients so far :  Netflix, Blur, Bungie, Nintendo, Sega, Disney, Platige Image, TVP, Televisor, Darewise, 3DTotal ...

Last Big Credits :  Love Death + Robots   -  4 IMDB credits in two episodes, so far ;)

Education : Completed Fellowship studies about "Human Psychology and Culture" on Polish University, mixed with "Professional Art study" in World Best Vfx School: "Gnomon" CA

Awarded by : CGsociety, Artstation, Wacom, CG+ also Gnomon's tag "One of the Best Students from 2014" with fancy Exhibition in Hollywood Gallery.

Sharing wisdom in Books : "Digital Painting Techniques vol 8", "Master the Art - Speed-painting" also in magazines: 2DArtist and Photoshop 

Conference Speaker : CTNx 2019 Featured Guest Marriott LA, Lightbox Expo 2019 LA , Digital Dragons 2017,  CG Event 2016,  Game Invest Cracow 2013,

Always happy for Actions :)