Love Death + Robots - 3 Robots - diner before human extinction - concept art

Marcin rubinkowski ldr rubinkowski diner
Marcin rubinkowski dinner base

empty base concept I made , where we start fun :)

Marcin rubinkowski ldr base version diner

version set - check Ur eye there

Marcin rubinkowski dinner wooden

wooden version - rejected concept

Marcin rubinkowski dinner picked crop

picked concept to post-apocalypse

Marcin rubinkowski three robots credits

Love Death and Robots - Three Robots credits

Another part of my contribution for Awesome Love Death and Robots series : Three "Robots"
part of Concept stuff I done to help directors Victor&Alfredo to establish diner for our show - before destroying it ;)
Next week I will show U how get from here to post-apocalyptic diner U can see in Three Robots episode

dinner after apocalypse -->

stay tuned and I hope U will like it :)

May 7, 2019